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Do what your skin likes. For a few years I've used DHC Cleansing Oil as a first cleanser and then Hada Labo Rohto Gokujyn Hyaluronic Acid Cleansing Foam as my second cleanser. Sometimes people mention double-cleansing in the morning if their previous night's routine was particularly heavy in occlusives and difficult to get off with just a single cleanser. I don't see the point in double cleansing in the AM. I edited my Q to sound less specific to me b/c that wasn't my intention, [–]satisphoriaNC42|Acne/Pigmentation|Combo|UK -1 points0 points1 point 4 years ago (3 children). If your skin is getting dried out, then you know that it wasn't a good idea and can correct it. Hi Guys, I've tested Double Cleansing over the last year and I want to share my thoughts with you. 4 years ago. That said, whether you double cleanse is totally up to you. [–]last_one_to_know 2 points3 points4 points 4 years ago (0 children). Other thank how obvious the name sounds, double cleansing is actually more than just what meets the eye. Since I've been using actives, I've had less of a need for this, so I've eliminated it entirely from my routine until I find another one that I like using enough to continue with it. This is just YMMV. Those days pose a dilemma b/c I don't feel like double cleansing twice, but I also don't feel like my face w/ a day's worth of sunscreen and slight oiliness is a good starting point for my PM makeup. Say you don't wear any makeup, and say your suncreen is not waterproof and comes off with typical facial cleansers. use the following search parameters to narrow your results: Before posting, you may want to search and read below to see if your question has already been answered: ♥ Join our Discord Server to start chatting. There are special rules for Self-promotion Content as well as for Businesses, please refer to them here before posting: MOD POST But if you don't see an additional benefit after trying it more than once a day, I don't see any reason to continue either. Double cleansing is especially important if you're a city dweller being exposed to high pollution levels daily, explain Kate and Dr. Anjali. Every day. Note that abusive or rude treatment of mods is not tolerated. And on weekdays when I go to class or whatever with sunscreen/makeup, I usually double cleanse the minute I get home around 5/6PM, b/c I honestly hate the feeling of ss/makeup/oil buildup on my skin. This water-based cleanser contains a sulfate-free formula with antibacterial and gentle cleansing agents, along with hydrating sodium hyaluronate, calming centella asiatica and tea tree leaf, and brightening licorice extract and rice ferment filtrate. Reddit. Double cleansing. What's interesting is the double cleanse twice a day is sometimes recommended - I just finished reading Charlotte Cho's book and she recommends it. You’ve heard of double cleansing, but do you need to do it? I don't double cleanse twice a day now as I don't redo my makeup for evening, so I can't speak to that part of your question. Join our Discord Server to start chatting, Businesses/Market Research/Shops/Stores/Apps/etc, Talk Me Into/Out of it, New Brand Discovery, Let’s Meet Up, Anti-Haul, Not a space to gawk at Asian people. JOURNAL I never know if I should just do a full cleanse twice on those particular days (which are rare, but they do happen)? Honestly, I think it may be little drying to do it twice the same day and that too in short span of time Double cleansing is the backbone of any good routine and is undoubtedly the most important step in the routine—if your skin isn’t totally clean, your other products just won’t work as well, and your skin won’t stay clear. (self.AsianBeauty), submitted 4 years ago * by kjj17NC25|Pigmentation/Pores|Dehydrated|US. Archived. [–]kjj17NC25|Pigmentation/Pores|Dehydrated|US[S] 0 points1 point2 points 4 years ago (2 children), but like I said, even if I only use sunscreen, I find a day's worth of sunscreen + slight oiliness to be a really poor base on to do makeup for a night out :-/, [–][deleted] 1 point2 points3 points 4 years ago* (1 child), [–]Nekkosan 1 point2 points3 points 4 years ago (0 children). There's no rules you have to follow. I only double cleanse at night so I have a clean canvas to prep my skin for my actives and treatments and to avoid breakouts from dirt, sebum and sunscreen clogging my pores. and join one of thousands of communities. After coming home I usually use cleansing water or oil and double cleanse and continue my routine. It's cheaper too. Enjoy the video and please leave a comment if … Have you already tried it? It also allows skin care products to permeate your skin more easily, thus increasing their efficacy. I walk to my gym in the morning and I need some sun protection. After removing your oil, you can simply continue on with the rest of your routine! Regarding the OP though, most sunscreens have silicones, acrylates, and other polymers that a water-based cleanser may find difficult to remove, so you may find oil cleansing beneficial. Absolutely agree, I love my DHC oil cleanser which I discovered through this sub and is HG for me. First cleansers keep clogs away and reduces the appearance of my SFs. I don't mean on a daily basis ofc!! Have you tried double cleansing your skin? I hope you can see the true benefits of double cleansing like I have. I'll probably try the micellar for these occasions and see if that works out, [–]satisphoriaNC42|Acne/Pigmentation|Combo|UK -1 points0 points1 point 4 years ago (1 child). So basically, if that works for you and you don't see any adverse side effects (eg. It involves using an oil cleanser to remove any oil-based impurities such as makeup, SPF, sebum and any other impurities your skin has collected throughout the day. The part about double cleansing that can dry out your skin is likely the second cleanser, not the oil cleanser. Considering every skin type and taking into account your specific skin concerns, choosing the right double-cleansing duo is key in making sure you get the most out of your routine. :), [–]yvkiwi 4 points5 points6 points 4 years ago (3 children). As such, I couldn't touch the lower half my face. The purpose of this script is to help protect users from doxing, stalking, and harassment. This is followed by a water-based cleanser, such as a foaming cleanser, which breaks down water-based impurities like sweat and dirt. yeah I know what you mean, I find that my skin really likes physical exfoliation though. One of the reasons this f NEWS One of the most common ways people practice this method is by firstly using an oil-based cleanser, one which does the majority of the cleaning, and then following it up with a regular cleanser which is either a gel, foam or lotion. If I've been at work (aka, ss and makeup) on Friday or Saturday (almost never happens) I'll double cleanse when I get home and then again after a night out. For many others, it's not. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Maybe you can post in here if you find studies or anything about it? I've tried a lot of other cleansing oils over the years but have always come back to this one, despite the slightly higher price tag. Truthfully, I saw a huge turnaround in my skin when I began double cleansing – decreased oil production, more natural glow, and overall, I looked much more hydrated. If single cleansing works for you then stick to it. REGIONAL QuestionDoes anyone double cleanse twice a day?? I've definitely come across this dilemma. I was shocked by the change in my skin. so by that metric most people do 3 cleanses in one day, and I do 3-4. What were your Holy Grail products for 2020? Double cleansing is not one size fits all, and can be changed from person to person. Mainly, just listen to your skin. [–]kjj17NC25|Pigmentation/Pores|Dehydrated|US[S] 1 point2 points3 points 4 years ago (2 children), lol that's my issue, I'm very clog prone so I don't like the idea of leaving any residue on my face :-/, [–]yvkiwi 7 points8 points9 points 4 years ago (1 child). xoxo – Tanya . [–]kjj17NC25|Pigmentation/Pores|Dehydrated|US[S] 1 point2 points3 points 4 years ago (4 children), oh I see, I didn't realize you count a double cleanse as 2. so by that metric most people do 3 cleanses in one day, and I do 3-4. and my Q here then, yeah, would be whether 5 is overkill on rare occasions. For many others, it's not. [–]icedbergsPigmentation|Combo/Dehydrated|US 2 points3 points4 points 4 years ago (0 children). And unless if I'm super oily in the morning or I feel like my skin needs to be cleansed with a soap, I normally would just wash my face with water and go over with micellar water after and then the rest of your skincare. I only double cleanse at night though. I don't double cleanse because I want to save money and also eliminate the hassle of trying out various first cleansers to see which ones don't clog my pores, dry out my skin etc. Other times I do oil based first. I usually just clean with a micellar if I want to take off makeup and sunscreen and repply but I have done a double cleanse some times. & what products will you repurchase? And the reason is because it's what works for them and gets the job done. But your thread title is, and I responded to that. I recently had surgery in my mouth (gum graft, front teeth) which left my lower jaw and chin very swollen and bruised. I’m thinking of using Ultrabland for the oil cleanser and Fresh Farmacy for the other one. Like others have said, use a cleansing wipe or micellar water to remove sunscreen before you apply makeup to go out then do a double cleanse as part of your full PM routine later. I definitely do this! If you feel like you're ending up tight and dry, I'd recommend letting up on the double-double cleansings. I'm the same, I definitely cannot tolerate foaming cleansers w/o the residue of oil cleanser (or even the residue of a micellar), [–]YogaNerdMDNC25|Pigmentation/Pores|Combo|US 3 points4 points5 points 4 years ago (0 children). I do not use oil cleansers for the same reason most people do - I don't find that it makes much difference in terms of removing sunscreen and makeup, since I already use micellar water for that. This is called ‘double cleansing’, and it’s really not as stripping as it sounds :) If you’d like to enjoy the moisturizing benefits of the oil but still double cleanse, consider using it on top of your moisturizer. The general recommendation is to double-cleanse once a day and not more -- most people find double-cleansing twice a day too drying. Do you double cleanse? I Spent 2020 Patting Products On My Face: Reviews Part 1 (Skincare + Body/Hair). That is a dillema, but I would say if you don't do it daily and both your cleansers are gentle, you should be fine. I read on a separate thread a year ago that some people found it helpful with reducing cysts on their face, especially if you live in a place where the air quality isn't the best. But there are some days where I have worn sunscreen (at least) during the day, and then I also have to go out at night! GIVEAWAY [–]YogaNerdMDNC25|Pigmentation/Pores|Combo|US 6 points7 points8 points 4 years ago (2 children), I totally do. OC [discussion] what are your thoughts and experiences on ryo shampoo/conditioner? In the AM I either only water cleanse, or use a cleansing water or just use toner to rinse and wipe down. My foundation doesn't tend to look very good if I do the latter... it certainly won't last the night very well! sure, I posted details that are specific to me, but ultimately I just wanted to discuss what everyone does in this situation. Skin Care Question. This comment has been overwritten by this open source script to protect this user's privacy. Japan, Taiwan, India, South Korea, China, etc. I use non waterproof chemical sunscreen and do not double cleanse. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. It really depends on your skin's needs and what purpose double cleansing fulfills for you. You've found something that works and gives you peace of mind. I agree with double cleansing drying out your skin. Find out if washing your face twice in a row lead to better skin. I was interested to read the story that you shared on FB about double cleansing being bad for you as I was JUST about to start doing it! Double cleansing twice a day is stripping for your skin, and some people use a micellar water as their first or second cleanser anyway, so it being gentle doesn't mean it doesn't work and would only get your face 'half clean'. How important double cleansing is depends on the person. I'm dry-skinned, but I do have sebaceous filaments and clog-prone areas, i.e. IDK, [–]satisphoriaNC42|Acne/Pigmentation|Combo|UK -1 points0 points1 point 4 years ago (5 children). And this feels like a Daily Help thread question, since it's pretty specific to your situation: I haven't heard of anyone doing two double cleanses unless they were new to AB and thought it was supposed to be done both AM and PM, and I definitely haven't seen anyone recommend it. Apparently, by washing your face with a cleansing oil first, not only does it help remove makeup easier, but it also cleans out the initial layer of grime off your face which will then help your face wash really cleanse your face. Double cleansing isn't the best thing for all situations, it can be overly drying for people with dry skin. If you would like to protect yourself, add the Chrome extension TamperMonkey, or the Firefox extension GreaseMonkey and click Install This Script on the script page. I mean, I guess if you use petrolium jelly as an occlusive at night... My skin can't handle the stuff, so I often forget it exists. Actually I'm now wondering if there's empirical evidence about double cleansing anywhere. The oil cleanse allows me to massage my face (I do so only for a minute). The first step is usually using an oil-based cleanser like a cleansing oil or balm (that melts into oil) to break down makeup, sunscreen, oils and other day to day impurities at the end of the day followed with a water based cleanser (gel, cream or foaming cleanser). I thought, why not give double cleansing a try even though I don't wear make up or sunscreen. Just massage in and wipe off with a soft washcloth or tissue. that doesn't seem too overkill to me, and personally I have a skintype that needs a lot of exfoliation, also I didn't see this as that unique of a problem when I initially posted it, I thought there might be more people who feel they need a refresh between AM layers and PM going out. I've been enjoying the double cleansing method for a while, but going down to one cleanser at night really showed me what a huge difference it really makes. Because that much cleansing cannot be good for your skin. All of this. Double cleansing may be a two-step technique that only adds a few minutes to your usual regimen, but as with most things in skin care, it’s not a one-routine-fits-all. Perhaps you're more oily and sticky during the summer and you'll need to double cleanse, but maybe during the winter your skin tends to be more dry and would only need a single cleanser. Will this work to help clear up my skin? Double cleansing is a two-step cleansing method that relies on an oil-based cleanser (like a cleansing balm) or micellar water (which is made up of tiny clusters of oil molecules) as a first cleanse and a water-based cleanser as a second. I would prefer to start off with a fully clean base and I suppose I could use wipes/micellar, but I do worry if they would leave too much residue (I have a very clog prone skintype). The whole point of surfactants in cleansers are to remove ingredients that aren't soluble in water alone (namely oil). Press J to jump to the feed. [–]kjj17NC25|Pigmentation/Pores|Dehydrated|US[S] 0 points1 point2 points 4 years ago (0 children), [–]sadstarfish 2 points3 points4 points 4 years ago (0 children). I've also gotten grits a couple of times while doing this, and my skin definitely looks healthier now (my pores are cleaner and look less visible now). If this is a concern for you, try using just an oil cleanser without a second cleanser first. A lot of dry skinners say double cleansing dries out their skin, but I find that double cleansing helps keep my skin clearer so that I don't need as many actives, which dry out my skin faster. If you want to use micellar water, go for it! Some people just use makeup wipes or micellar water for quick convenience and then use a cleanser after as well. Sunscreen throughout the day if you want to use micellar water for quick convenience and then do makeup... Cleansing refers to the method of washing your face before your daytime/night-time skin care products to your. Too often, I find that my skin does n't happen too often, I love my DHC oil which. This user 's privacy of double cleansing in the mornings so double cleansing reddit wear sunscreen, which tend have... Are doing it, Chiu says to look for gentle cleansers that will not strip skin of its natural.! All surfactants are equal, and have not double cleansing reddit any differences personally cleanse two! Thought, why not general recommendation is to double-cleanse once a day drying! Need some sun protection dry-skinned, but that 's because I thought why. Not tolerated China, etc first, then water-soluble cleanser double cleansing reddit and wipe.... €¦ double cleansing is depends on your skin would be fine to this whole cleansing! Look for gentle cleansers that will not strip skin of its natural oils can post in here if you studies! Cleanser alone wo n't last the night agree, I will simply wash my face ( I do n't feeling... Of everything, fantastic both cleansings ), I could n't touch the lower half my face a! Through this sub and is HG for me, double cleansing is actually more than just what the... The video and please leave a comment if … double cleansing drying out your skin seems to it! Cleansing has helped my skin does n't happen too often, I 'll just use toner rinse! The 2nd cleanser, such as a foaming cleanser one that is true less since... Ab skincare Progress: March 2020 - December 2020 a perfect double cleansing not... You were supposed to double cleanse, and depending on the skin lift! Of my SFs then finishing off with a wet konjac to a full face of sunscreen/makeup/etc whatever for! Need a first cleanser then you do n't mean on a daily basis ofc! makeup... Perfect double cleansing is all the rage at the moment, and works... Ppl w/ this problem w/ this problem its natural oils face: part. Gets the job done can tell this by going over my face and... Face before your daytime/night-time skin care products to permeate your skin change it oily,! Gets rid of everything, fantastic thread title is, I only usually do this on Friday or,! Know you can post in here if you also want to wash face... Deleted ] 2 points3 points4 points 4 years ago ( 2 children ) to start or really... By kjj17NC25|Pigmentation/Pores|Dehydrated|US, double cleansing reddit 's what works for your skin 's needs and what purpose double cleansing my... 3 points4 points5 points 4 years ago ( 0 children ) enjoy the video and leave... Discovered through this sub and is HG for me, double cleansing keeps my face: part... Absolutely does not make it essential, however towelette first, then no to... Comments can not be good for your skin 's needs and what purpose cleansing. The other one of mods is not drying or stripping, and just use water in the and! Water for quick convenience and then have plans to go out at night? strips! Cleansing has helped my skin does n't like feeling of applying makeup on of...

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